How do I Sell My Mobile Home in Phoenix Fast For Cash?

We Offer Cash For Your Arizona Mobile Home Fast. Here is how…

We know that selling a mobile home is foreign to most people, and the average Phoenician only moves a couple of times in their life. You will need to trust Phoenix Mobile Home LLCSelling your mobile home is as easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1

Send Us Some Info

Just fill in the form and you are all set! We will jump to action and get the process started.

Step 2

We Will Get In Touch

We’ll call you and make you an offer over the phone today.

Step 3

Get Your Cash

If you like our offer, simply set a closing date and you will get your cash then and there!

We promise to never pressure you into making a decision. Respect, honesty, and integrity are the values on which our company was founded.

Get Your Free Mobile Home Value Today!

Feel free to contact Phoenix Mobile Home LLC today to get your free mobile home value. We aren’t forcing your family into accepting an offer. The best way to get ahold of us is either through filling out our quick mobile home offer form, or by giving us a call or shooting us a text message. We know it can be intimidating contacting a stranger or inviting a stranger into your messy house. Just remember, Phoenix Mobile Home LLC is here to help, and not cause extra stress on your family 🙂

Determining Your Arizona Mobile Home Value

Once you take the leap to contact our company, one of our friendly sales agents will schedule a time to view your mobile home. Not only do we want to view your mobile home, but we want to understand your family’s situation and how we can serve you best. We have helped families in Arizona going through every situation… from evictions to moving across the country.

For Example — Phoenix Mobile Home LLC helped a family going through an eviction process this past year. The family was served an eviction notice by the park, and the family contacted looking for a solution. We acted with extreme urgency to not only purchase the mobile home but to prevent the eviction from being on the family’s record. We provided the family with a solution to their problem.

Our Mobile Home Inspection Process…

We will set up a good time to come and check out your mobile home in Phoenix. Are you excited that help is on the way? We are excited to help your family! Typically, we inspect your mobile home and provide an all-cash offer is less than 48 hours. We have heard it time and time again… “you helped our family more than you will ever know.” That’s more important to us than doing a lot of business with poor customer satisfaction.  

As for the inspection, there is nothing to worry about… Remember, we will buy your mobile home in the current condition, and if you want to make repairs prior to selling, we are fine with that too.

What if my mobile home is in great condition? No worries, we buy mobile homes that don’t need repairs too. Our cash offer for your mobile home will reflect the condition of your mobile home.

Crafting Your Mobile Home Cash Offer

The cash offer… this is what we have all been waiting for, right? “How much can you give us for our mobile home?” There are a lot of factors that go into a Phoenix Mobile Home cash offer.

  • What is the lot rent in your mobile home park?
  • How much does your family owe on the mortgage?
  • How much work does the mobile home need in the inside and outside?

The list goes on and on… During our walkthrough, we will explain all of the potential repairs, the cost to fix the repairs, and what other mobile homes are selling for in the area. Unfortunately, we are investors and will be taking on the burden of your mobile home once you sell it to us. So we will not be able to offer $30k for a $15k mobile home. We do run into a lot of people who have unrealistic expectations, but we will do our best to educate your family to make the best decision considering all of the circumstances. 

Accepting Your Mobile Home Cash Offer

WOOOHOOOO. You can finally take a deep breath. When you accept our offer, consider it a done deal! We close on every deal that we make an offer on, and will not flake under any circumstance… and yes, this is a real thing.

Selling a mobile home by yourself in Phoenix, you will quickly realize that most people don’t stay true to their word.  At this point, we will schedule a final closing date to purchase your mobile home with CASH. We do not even care if you clean the home when you are packing up your belongings. We want to make this process as easy for your family

“What if I need two weeks to pack up my belongings?”

That is fine with us. We can schedule a date that the house will be empty, and keys handed over.

“What if we need some money to put a down payment for our next place?”

No problem, we ofter to give families a down payment to get the moving process started. We try to accommodate every Phoenix family during this stressful period. 

Your family will sail off into the sunset, or the Arizona desert… Do you have any questions for us? We promise that there are no hidden steps in this process. Once we close on your mobile home, Phoenix Mobile Home LLC will take over all of the repairs of the mobile home and paying the back lot rent. No more stress for you or your family. We promise.  

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